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Local variable area

The local variable area can be used e.g. for trying out scaling of values without the need of manipulating any variables in a PLC or other typ of controller.

Background color

The default background color when creating new panels (pages) in HMI Droid Studio is light gray. In general, a white background is better. Use the Background command in the format menu to change the background color.

Input field object

The input field object has been retained for backward compatibility with earlier versions. Use the Numeric variable object instead of the Input field object. You have to tick the checkbox Allow change of value to be able to enter a new value.

Character sets

To use e.g. Russian, Chinese, Greek, Arabic etc characters in the panels (pages) you have to select the correct character set for the objects.

Don't use overlapping objects

Most objects will not work properly if they are overlapped by other objects and the Z-order is not consistent.

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